Vassals are players who have been conquered by another player (the sovereign). Each time the vassal uses levy, the sovereign will gain 10% of the amount the vassal earned. This 10% is a bonus generated on top of the 100% the vassal receives for his levy. Each time one of the vassals from said vassal levies, the sovereign will gain a portion of the earnings as well. The sovereign takes half of this bonus amount directly, halving the silver received by said vassal.

How to get a VassalEdit

If one player has a stronger army then another, they may click on the city in the area view, and select "Conquer." If the attacking army is stronger than that of the vassal, or there is no army present at all, this city will become a vassal to the attacker, if the attacker has not yet filled up the maximum amount of vassals. If the attacker shows out to lose the battle, he will be knocked off, and the defender will stay free.

If the targetted city already has a sovereign, the attacker will be fighting the sovereign's army instead. Should the attacker fail to overrule the sovereign's army, then he also does not get the sovereignity of the targetted city. Even if the player of the targetted city has no troops defending. There offcourse is then also the risk of retaliation and being defeated and thus becoming vassal.

Depending on the level of your city, you can get more then 1 vassal.

Claiming Your FreedomEdit

While being a vassal doesn't cost you much, you might want to escape your soveriegn. There are a few different ways, each with its own caveats.

  • Get set free by the sovereign. Sometimes asking for that might get that done.
  • If you have become strong enough to defeat your sovereign, you may claim independence by fighting them.
  • If you won an Independence card from the roulette wheel, you may use it to free yourself. They can attack and conquor you once again if you are too weak to defend yourself.
  • Moving to a different area releases you from their servitude, and also ensures they cannot conquor you again unless they move as well. However, note that this will also release any vassals you may have, as well as farms and mines you own, so only do this if you don't mind losing your vassals, or if you don't have any vassals yourself.
  • Being conquered by a league member also is an option to get freed, provided that this league member then sets you free.