Troops have various actions in battle, mainly four types:


Some troops can use their armors or shields to block Physical offense back to the enemy. Tactical offense and RS offense cannot be blocked. When the physical offense is blocked back, the troop itself will not be harmed or their Rage Points (RP) increased. And the enemy will suffer damage but their RP won’t be increased as well. Mainly infantry.

Criss-Cross array boosts the Block skill.


Some troops can miss the enemy’s RS offense and Physical offense. Tactical offense cannot be missed. When the offense is missed, the troop itself will not be harmed or their RP increased. And the enemy won’t be harmed from the missed offense or their RP increased, neither. Mainly cavalry units.

A shaped array boosts the miss skill.

Critical HitEdit

Some troops can launch Critical Hits to enemies and create extra damage on them. Mainly distal units.

P shaped array boosts critical hit impact.


Some troops can counterstrike a Physical offense to the enemy when attacked by them. Counterstrike will cause a rise in the enemy’s RP. Notes: there is only 1 action at one time.

X shaped array boosts this skill.


These only happen to Tactical units. This is like miss but Tacticals cannot miss.