The troop tab is where you manage your heros.



Example of the training menu

The left panel allows you to pick which hero you want to view. The center panel shows the details of the hero and allows you to share exp, lay the hero off so you can recruit another or go on adventure. The right panel has two purposes. In train mode it will show you the different modes of training. In adventure mode it will show your the different types of adventures. Training increases your heros level while aventure increase the heros stats up to the level of the hero + 20. You can't increase your hero's level past the level of you senatus.

Sharing exp reduces the level of the hero to 1 but increases the level of the troop. It can only be done once the level of the hero reaches 51.



An example of the Recruit menu

This menu allows your to recruit heroes you can put into an array. The left panel is the filter for the recruitable heroes. The center panel is the list of recruitable heroes and the right panel shows the details of the hero including the price it costs to recruit.



An example of the Equip menu

Allows to equip your heroes. Left panel is a list of your heroes. Center panel is the hero details as well as the current items he has equipped. Right panel is the items that can be equipped in the selected slot.



An example of the array menu

Allows you to pick the array for the heroes. The arrays can act as presets, a hero does not need to be removed from an array in order to place him in another. The left panel is a list of your heroes. Center panel is the hero description as well as array section. Right panel allows you to put in and take out heroes from an array.

You must click the 'Default' button in order to select the array. Failing to do so will only change the preset and will not fight with the array. It's poorly named.

You upgrade arrays in the university