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Buffs can be purchased with silver or gold in groups of 100 at a time. They apply a flat increase in the EXP gained from each assist, a chance for a better outcome, or a lower chance of using resources during the assist, depending on the buff used.

Buff TypesEdit

There are five types of buffs:

  • 'Basic Buff' - Bring you 125% as much EXP as the hero is supposed  to get in one assist.
  • Better Chance Buff - Every assist  may reach  a big progress. Your hero gets  double EXP in one assist when the big progress happens. This buff raises the chance of the big progress by 35%.
  • 4 Time Buff - This buff raises the effect of the big progress to 4 times as much EXP as the hero is supposed to get in one assist.
  • Resource Free Buff - 50% rate of making the assist free of Exploits, Assist Cards, or Gold.
  • Plus One Buff - 10% rate of giving another assist for absolutely free.

Cost and Level RequirementsEdit

Buffs by Level Required:

  • Level 20 and higher: Resource Free
  • Level 40 and higher: Basic, Better Change
  • Level 60 and higher: 4 Times, Plus One

Buffs by Cost (Silver / Gold):

  • Plus One: (29,500S / 25G)
  • Resource Free: (59,000S / 50G)
  • Better Chance: (88,500S / 75G)
  • Basic: (88,500S / 75G)
  • 4 Times: (236,000S / 200G)


Which Buffs Should I Buy?

Each type of Buff has a purpose that it is best suited for and all are good for something. Below is an analysis I did based upon some simple scenarios and assumptions. Your own situation and needs may differ from what's shown, so please only use it as a guideline or an introduction to using Buffs.

  • Plus One: Best choice for those who want to maximize the EXP gained per exploit spent or who want to achieve the most hero EXP growth for a fixed period of cooldown time.
  • Resource Free: Best choice to meet the goals of the Plus One below level 60.
  • Better Chance: Best choice for those who want to maximize the EXP gained per unit of silver or gold spent to purchase the buffs.
  • Basic: (88,500S / 75G): Best choice to meet the goals of the Better Chance below level 60.
  • 4 Times: Best choice to maximize EXP gained without any regard to cost (grow the fastest)

Assumptions and Notes

The above advice assumes a baseline rate for what is called the double EXP bonus. This is a doubling that is randomly applied to your assist every so often. Right now, I don't know what the exact rate is, so I've used 20% as a rough estimate. If this rate is increased (without the aid of a buff) the 4 Times Buff becomes a better and better deal. If this rate decreases (because I've overestimated it), then the Better Chance Buff becomes a better and better deal. The other buffs deal with other things. I've also used my own numbers (as of this writing, 288 exploits per assist and 6746 EXP gained as a baseline) in order to run these scenarios. 

Summary Table

Basic Better 4 times R Free Plus 1
SILVER 0 88500 88500 236000 59000 29500
GOLD 0 75 75 200 50 25
EXP COST 28800 28800 28800 28800 14400 26208
EXP GAIN 809520 1011900 1045630 1214280 809520 809520
EXP NET 202380 236110 404760
EG/EC 28.1083 35.1354 36.3066 42.1625 56.2167 30.8883
EN/SIL 2.28678 2.66791 1.71508
EN/GOLD 2698.4 3148.13 2023.8
EN/DOLLAR 134.92 157.407 101.19
E/E/S*100 0.0397 0.04102 0.01787 0.09528 0.10471
E/E/G*100 46.8472 48.4088 21.0813 112.433 123.553
EG/Assist 8095.2 10119 10456.3 12142.8 8095.2 8904.72
EG/Assist/S*100 0.11434 0.11815 0.05145 0.13721 0.30185
EG/Assist/G*100 134.92 139.417 60.714 161.904 356.189
Best Economy for: Silver EXP EXP*Silver
Gold Assist (Time)
Assumed Bonus Rate: 0.2
Assumed Base Assist: 6746
Assumed Base Exp Taken: 288