Thrace is the twelth area, coming from Parthia and does not lead to another area.

In this area the NPC are from level 95 to ?.

Thrace rewardEdit


Thrace area map

Shield of Dread

Thrace NPC orderEdit

Scout I

Scout II

Scout III

Scout IV



Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Vanguard IV



Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III

Main Force IV

Thrace Legions (3 min[1], 8 max; 1300 exploits; 10 enemies; chance of rare item drop: ? ; ? ; ?)

Thrace ingame introductionEdit

The enemy's main force dug in Thrace and blocked your expedition to the North when they heard that their vanguard had been eliminated. You were determined to tear down the barrier in your own way. Prepare the offerings to Mars, call out the soldiers and declare war!

  1. These teammembers are only family or league members!