Scipii family symbol

Scipii family flag

There are three families in the game Senatry. You have to choose one of them before you move from Rome to a next area. The option to choose a family gets unlocked at the area of Macedon.

Once you choose a family, you cannot pick another one. So choose wisely.

Also leagues are family specific.

Ingame family descriptionEdit

Family Territory:Edit

The Scipii did not show their real side to the public untill the civil war had been going on for a while. Some Romans suddenly realised the Scipii had no intentions to preserve the peace. Both the conservative powers in the Senatus and the new forces representing the benefits of the plebs resented the Scipii. But years of expedition around the known world had offered them a great fortune and an invincible army. It may take other families joint together to balance the Scipii. Not enjoying much support in the Italian Peninsula, the Scipii streched out and occupied the west of Rome: Gaul, Britannia, Hispania, Numidia and Carthage. They where determined to become the greatest family ever in Rome.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Scipii where famous in raising great generals. Heroes of Scipii destroyed many offences from Carthagians targetting Rome and won the Scipii the name "Shepherd of Rome". The Scipii was not the most notable family; however, their blood can be traced back to the day Rome was founded, which help the Scipii in their rapid rising. Finally, approved by the Senatus and the Roman People, Scipii family became one of the Triumvirate and took the fate of Rome by the throat. In a short time they had earned much political and economical benefits, but their ambition would never end. Scipii's continuous struggle for power and wealth finally led to the break up of the Triumvirate.

Family heroesEdit

Family heroes
Name Prestige level Unit Rage skill
Marcus 500 Longbowmen RP leech
Aemelia 6,000 Priestess None
Cornelia 20,000 Harper None
Aemilius 40,000 Fear Onagers None
Acilius 80,000 Heavy Peltasts Piercing
Maximus 100,000 Poisoner Instigate
Varro 150,000 Repeating Scorpions None
Nero 190,000 Urban Cohort Testudo
Cornelius 210,000 Legionary Cavalry RP Burn
Calvus 260,000 Mercenaries Attached Attack
Fabius 340,000 Sapper None
Duilius 370,000 Praetorian Archers High-Spirited
Marius 440,000 Siege Towers None
Scipio 500,000 Praetorian Cavalry Repeating Piercing

Family territoryEdit

After coming from Ancona and Rome, the Scipii family have specific areas which they control.