Rome is the location on the map where people up till level 20 can grow their cities, fight NPC in areas and harvest farms.

It is the part of the world map which comes after Ancona, the beginners map

Nice new thingsEdit

It is the relocation option after having conquered Spartacus in Apennines.

It is also the area where you can choose a family and start farms (build a granary first). The university, market and barracks also come available in this map. It is also the map where you will start to need to replenish troops after each fight.

The world mapEdit

World map

World map of Senatry

Relocating to a new part of the mapEdit

With choosing your family you also choose which other maps you will be able to relocate to:

Brutii family: Bologna

Scipii family: Genua

Julii family: Capua

Only after level 40 you are free to choose which part of the map you want to continue towards. Untill then you will need to stick with family grounds.