This page is about main quests. If you are looking for daily or active quest please see the quest tab.

There are a several types of main quests. To active a quest you must open the quest tab and click on the quest you wish to recieve. Click the accept button. Once the quest criteria have been fufilled you can complete the quest by clicking the receive button.

Upgrading Buildings QuestsEdit

Criteria Reward Pre-requirements Notes
Senatus level 2 100 silver None This is the first quest in the game
Arena level 2 100 silver Senatus level 2
Armory level 2 250 slver Senatus level 2
Senatus level 3 120 silver

Arena level 2

Armory level 2

Senatus level 4 160 silver Senatus level 4
Cottage level 150 silver Cottage to level 3
Senatus level 5 200 silver Senatus to level 4
Arena level 5 480 silver Senatus level 5
Senatus level 8 280 silver Senatus level 5
Armory level 5 420 silver Arena level 5
Storeroom level 4 200 silver Armory level 5

League QuestsEdit

Criteria Reward Pre-requirements Notes
Join a league 500 silver Senatus level 5
Official rank 500 silver Join a league You must reach Quasi official
Upgrade league (lvl 5) 200 silver Official Rank
Add 150 members 48000 silver

War QuestsEdit

Criteria Reward Pre-requirements Notes
Fight rebel force 1 100 silver War scene
Fight rebel force 2 150 silver
Fight rebel force 3 240 silver Defeat Ashur
Fight rebel force 4 400 silver
Fight rebel force 5 600 silver Defeat Gracchus
Fight rebel force 6 350 silver Defeat Barca
Fight rebel force 7 420 silver
Fight rebel force 8 490 silver Defeat Antoninus

Misc. QuestsEdit

Criteria Reward Pre-requirements Notes
Buy weapon 420 silver Armory level 2 Buy a stone axe to complete this quest
Hero level 2 125 silver Arene level 2
War scene 75 silver Senatus level 3 Click the tab in the lower right that says war
Area scene 120 silver Senatus level 3 Click the tab in the lower right that says area
Upgrade weapon 700 silver Buy weapon Upgrage stone axe to level 2
Buy armor 560 silver Upgrade weapon Buy a cane cuirass
Upgrade armor 1000 silver Buy armor Upgrade cane cuirass to level 2
Leave a message 120 silver Area scene
Send a letter 210 silver Area scene
Levy 150 silver Cottage level 3 Do a levy
World scene 150 silver Senatus level 5 Click on the tab in the lower right that says world
Recruit Heroes 180 silver Defeat Barca

Daily questsEdit

A special kind of quest is the daily quest, which can be started at senatus level 41. There are 5 possible quests which can be done at a given time. You have to choose one and fullfill that before being able to get a new quest. It is possible to cancel that. It will however clear any added fulfilled parts of the chosen quest. You can do a maximum of 6 quests per day without refreshing (a VIP 2 advantage). Daily quests are refreshed daily at 5:00 server time. They are reset mondays at 5:00 server time.

Each time you succesfully complete a quest, you got a chance to go to a higher star rating. It is yet unknown how to influence that chance, if that is even possible. These quests are the best chance of fairly easy getting red named rings.

Stars are granted with each quest. 1-3 stars give exploits. 4 and 5 stars give white named rings.

Daily quest possibilities
Name What to do Difficulty
Crops trading Trade crops in market (any amount) Very easy
Levy Use levies in Senatus as many as requested Very easy
Fight against NPC Attack one or more normal NPC (scout, vanguard, main force; elite and boss NPC don't count) Easy
Upgrade equipment Improve a single or multiple equipment in the Armory (any) Easy
Attack Attack one or more other players (any) Medium
Domain war Seize the same or different domains (any domain) Medium
Conquer player Conquer the same or different players (any player) Medium
Gold consumption Consume 1 or more gold, each time you consume one or more gold is added as one time. Costly, but easy.