The quest tab is where you manage your quests. There are three types of quests:

Main QuestsEdit


An example of the main quest menu.

The main set of quests generally reward you with silver and are designed as a type of in-game tutorial. On the left panel are the quests that are currently available. Clicking on a quest will give details on the quest in the center panel. These details include the reward for completing the quest. The right panel has no known usage. You can check out the type of quests on the quests page.

Quests start with being displayed as a silver colored exclemation mark. Once accepted become a silver colored question mark. Once completed become a yellow colored questionmark.

Quest rewards can only be received if the amount of silver is not exceeding the maximum amount.

Daily QuestsEdit


An example of a daily quest

Daily Quest are quests that you can perform six times each day once your senatus hits level 40. Completing as many quests as possible each day allows you to increase the star rating of the quests. Quests of 1-3 stars reward increasing levels of exploits. 4-5 star quests reward white colored rings (non rare item) as well as exploits. These rings can also be bought in the armory (sold at the warehouse tab). 6 star quests are green named rings. 7 star quests are blue named rings. To get 7 star quests you can compete all 6 daily quests. On the last day of the daily quests 6 star quests should start to appear. After completing 2-3 of these 7 star quest appear. This should allow you to accumulate 1-3 blue named rings.

The left panel gives the types of quest. These are generic and will ask you to repeat an in-game action based on the amount of stars. The center panel gives a description of the quest. You must accept the quest before you can complete it. You can only accept one quest at a time. If you decide you can not complete the quest or would like to complete a different quest you can cancel the quest with no repercusions.



An example of the activity tab

The activity is a weekly quest where you can build up a certain in-game currency to receive a reward. The rewards so far have been a small sum of silver based on the amount that you have accumulated.

The left panel describes what type of currency is required to accumulate. The center tab shows a leaderboard. The right panel show the current status of the quest and allow you to get your reward.