Pontus Area Map

Pontus is the eleventh area, coming from Numidia and leads to Armenia and Rhodes after defeating Mithridates.

Defeating Mithridates opens the Lvl 110+ Areas on the World Map.

In this area the NPC are from level 70 to 80.


Gallic Talisman ( +170 Soldiers, lvl 55)

Pontus NPC orderEdit

Scout I

Scout II

Scout III

Scout IV

Scout V

Scout VI

Machares (lvl 72); exploits: 731

Xerxes (lvl 73); exploits: 741

Phoenix (lvl 73); exploits: 741

Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Vanguard IV

Vanguard V

Vanguard VI

Cyrus; exploits: 751

Pharnaces; exploits: 762

Orsabaris; exploits: 772

Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III

Main Force IV

Main Force V

Main Force V

Mynnio; exploits: 782 (chance of rare item drop: Armor of Rhodes (def +86; lvl 59))

Clisthenes; exploits: 792 (chance of rare item drop: Greek Lance (off +105; lvl 59))

Chrestus; exploits: 802 (chance of rare item drop: Mace of Curse (off +114; lvl 63))

Mithridates; NPC boss; Exploits: 1219; units: Heavy Chariots; RS: Collide)

Pontus Legions (3 min[1], 8 max; 900 exploits; 10 enemies; chance of rare item drop: Ripper ; off 118 ; lvl 63)

Pontus ingame introductionEdit

The victories in the Southwest earned you a great name. Your capability in dealing with emergency was highly appreciated by the senators. However, you turned down the invitation to take part in the political affairs in the Italian Peninsula and led the expedition eastwards. Later your vessel encountered storms and disease which took heavy toll on your army. One day you finally reached the shore along the west Aegean Sea just to realize that you were facing the elite Pontus army. Unprepared, you led your troops and launched an assault on the Easterns!

  1. These teammembers are only family or league members!