Medical Corps

Medical Corps

Support unit which heals your own units.

Increases effectiveness with tactical offense (Rings/ research technology skill). Rage skill offense has no use with this unit.

"Have a chance to provide treatment to all of your troops. They help much in sustained combats. It's troop level and the level of tech of Research are very important to them."

Research skill is available from university level 30 and onwards.

Hero who uses this unitEdit

Galen (can be found on Greece)

Info from user Lightbase about GalenEdit

User Lightbase has revealed some calculation he found and which he was willing to share with everyone to benefit from it. The information he gave has been added to this page. Nothing has been changed except some typo's. WikiPim

In this topic i will speak about my favourite unit (Medical Corps or Gallen as you wish to call then)

Galen has some caracteristics which are a little confusing.

His healing skill has got 2 bases
His heal skill is fixed from the start to the end of the battle.

How do i get better heal result?Edit

1st Traits do not affect him.
2nd Galen his troop lvl and reciever troop lvl do some difference
3rd The tactical offense of the reciever of the healing increases it.

The unconfirmed calculationEdit

I think the calculation behind this is made this way: Galen's hero troop level + Galen troop shared lvl [(Receiving hero troop level + Hero troop shared lvl) x 2] +(reciever Hero T off/5) = total heal


Galen troop shared lvl 33 + troop lvl 12

Receiving hero shared lvl 22 + troop lvl 11

Receiving hero tactical offense is 560 in total.

(Galen troop lvl) 33 +12 + (recieving Hero troop lvl) [(11+22)x2]+ receiver Tac off (560/5)

33 + 12 + [(11+22)X2] + (560/5) = 45+(33x2)+(560/5) = 45+66+112 = 223

His heal on that unit would be 223 if succesfull

How do i calculate Tactical offense?Edit

(research lvl x 12) + (array S lvlx54) + ring Tactical offense bonus


research lvl 5x12 + not using S array + 370 Tac offense from ring

60+370 = 430

so Tac offense of that unit would be 430 this is the receiver Tac offense.

These were the accounts which Lightbase uncovered they gave him the most exact totals.

If someone finds any error in this calculation feel free to get in touch with Lightbase about this. He is still uncovering things about this calculation

Any question about these calc? Post your question here or try to talk to me in game.