The mail tab is used for messaging people in the game while they are offline, getting a league message send out and to receive system messages.


Mail tab - all
This tab is the main page of the ingame messaging system and provides a list of most recent messages, the person whom sent it and the subject as well as the message.

It's easy to start sending a message from here.


If you want to get an overview from system messages only, this is the tab you need to click. System messages usually are about farms and domain seizes, abandons and captures, becoming vassal to another player or sovereign over another player but also about expected game downtime, upgrades and other items.


If you want to get an overview from all player sent messages, click this tab.

You cannot reread your own messages again after you sent those unless you set yourself as recepient. Use a comma in between recepients. This system also does not automatically add the message which is replied towards.

Battle reportEdit

Currently not being used.


Currently not being used.


Here are all messages you deleted stored. It is unknown for how long. Deleting them here (permanent deletion) is not possible.