Senatry levy events in alphabetical order

G = Gold S = Silver A = Alleigance L = Additional levies P = Prestige

Name Top result Bottom result

Abscond G A

Alisa P L

Assassin S,P A

Beast A P

Business Prosperity A,L,P P

Cerimonial Dress P A

Deserter A S

Disobedient Son A A

Drought S,A,P A

Earthquake A S

Enemy's Deserters S S

Enemy's wounded A P

Exotic Beast S,P G,A

Fake Tax Official A A

Female Spy A,P A

Floods A S

Foreign Envoys A P

Gladiators P A

Glamor Woman A G

Granting Amnesty A S

Happy Birthday A A

Harvest L S

Heathen Nothing G

Master S,L,P G,P

Messenger P S

Murder P A

Mysterious Man A G

Night Attack A P

Pain of the War A P

Pests Attack S,P A

Plague A S

Prophecy G S,A

Provinces Rebellion P A,P

Rat Plague P S,A

Rebel Remnants P A

Rebellion of Hunger A P

Rebels Attack A S,A

Rebels from Enemy S A

Refugees(also hostile) A S

Residence Destroyed P P

Rising Price A S

Road A P

Romeo & Juliet P S

Runaway Soldier A P

Sea Storm A P

Senator's Daughter A A

Snakes S A

Temple Restoration G,A P

Thieves P A

Thunder and Lightning A S

Treasure P A

Unusual Weather A P

Volcanic Eruption P A

Warrior L G,P

Wasteland A,L L

Water Source Polluted G,A S,A

Wounded Soldiers A S

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Answers and possible rewards for the many levy events that can occur in Senatry.

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