"Upgraded Cottage can increase the amount of levied Silver. Allegiance also affects the levied silver."

Levies (plural of "Levy") are an integral part of Senatry gameplay. You gain 12 levies per day in every Season except Summer, which gives 15 levies.

City Info PanelEdit

The City Info panel
Example City Info

An example of the City Info panel.

displays a number of things, most of which are relevant to the amount of silver your levies will provide.

Stat InfoEdit

  • Senatus Level: Increasing this will not change levy income.
  • Sum of Cottage Levels: All of your cottages' levels are added together to create this number. Every time you level up any cottage, it will increase by 1. The base amount of levied silver will increase by 6.5 times this number.
  • Regional Prosperity: This refers to your current region's prosperity. Every time this number increases by 7, the base amount of silver levied will increase by 1. Also, this number is multiplied by the value in (parentheses). If it's above 100%, you gain extra levy silver. However, if it's below 100%, you will lose levy silver.
  • League Tax Law: This refers to your League's Tax Law perk. Each level of this is worth 6 extra base silver.
  • Scriptorium Level: Each level of this is worth 0.2% more total levy silver. For example, if you have a level 50 Scriptorium, that's 10% extra total silver per levy.
  • Allegiance: This starts at 100 and goes down by one every time you levy or impose tax. Each point of allegiance is equal to 0.0625% total levy silver. At zero Allegiance, you lose 25% total silver per levy.
  • Temple Level: This does not affect your levy silver, instead it increases your chances of getting Gold when you levy. The exact percentage is unknown; but at higher levels, the effect is very noticable.

Levy PanelEdit

Example Levy

An example of the Levy panel.

The Levy panel displays your remaining levy count (which is capped at 50) and the amount of silver you will earn for levying. There's also two buttons, both of which will increase your silver by the amount shown next to "Levy Silver.", and decrease your Allegiance by 1.

Stat InfoEdit

  • Remaining Levies: This shows how many levies you have left. The maximum is 50 levies.
  • Levy Silver: This is how much silver you'll earn from levying or imposing taxes. It changes whenever the stats on the City Info panel update.


  • Levy: May trigger a random Levy Event, in addition to performing a levy.
  • Impose: Does not consume a levy; instead it reduces your remaining Gold by 2 + # of taxes imposed today.

Increasing Levied SilverEdit

In order to perform many tasks within your city, you will need Silver to pay for the costs. These costs go up as your level increases, but you can increase the amount you earn from levies too! There are several different ways to increase the amount of silver gained from each levy:

Levy EventsEdit

This is a list of all Levy Events, the corresponding choices, and the resulting reward for each choice. This information is from [1]. An interactive version will be coming soon.

Note: Blue numbers will be multiplied by your Senatus level.

Event Choices Rewards
Abscond Play down the matter with the excuse of being heavily involved. 1 Gold
Send people to hunt them down. 4 Allegiance
Alisa Express compliments for her doings. 1 Prestige
Tell her what you really thought. 1 Levy
Assassin Collect intelligence of your enemies, and use it to annihilate them. 7 Silver
7 Prestige
Reduce the taxes and release the captured rebels. 8 Allegiance
Beast Personally go to pursue the beast. 5 Allegiance
Collect citizens to wipe out the beast. 3 Prestige
Business Prosperity Maintain the existing tax rate. 4 Allegiance
1 Levy
5 Prestige
Increase the tax rate, as well as enlarging the military. 35 Prestige
Ceremonial Dress Express your gratitude to the public and accept their gift. 15 Prestige
Take off the old dress and put on the new one on the spot. 7 Allegiance
Deserter Escort him to your camp for questioning. 8 Allegiance
Kill him now mercilessly. 15 Silver
Disobedient Son Send someone to beat the civilian badly. 4 Allegiance
Deliver a speech in the square and educate your citizens. 5 Allegiance
Drought Send messengers to pacify them and reduce the taxes. 20Silver
4 Allegiance
4 Prestige
Personally go to the temple and pray for rain. 7 Allegiance
Earthquake Try your best to rescue victims. 8 Allegiance
Turn to your allies for help, for the situation is really urgent. 30 Silver
Enemy's Deserters Kill them all to prevent espionage. 3 Silver
Enlist then to expand your army. 25 Silver
Enemy's Wounded Soldiers Cannot bear letting them die, and try hard to rescue them. 7 Allegiance
Kill them in situ, for there was no mercy on the battleground. 4 Prestige
Exotic Beast Throw it into the arena and watch it fight. 40 Silver
4 Prestige
Send people for public viewing. 10 Gold
4 Allegiance
Fake Tax Official Send soldiers to kill him. 5 Allegiance
Personally lead your men and fasten him in the arena. 7 Allegiance
Female Spy Torture her to get enemy intelligence. 6 Allegiance
2 Prestige
Send her out of the city. 8 Allegiance
Floods Transport food to the disaster area and release the victims. 5 Allegiance
Enlist the prisoners as cannon fodder. 35 Silver
Foreign Envoys Invite them to dinner at your private residence. 5 Allegiance
Notify them to meet at your official mansion. 3 Prestige
Gladiators You turn a blind eye in order to protect the interests of the usurers. 5 Prestige
Send people to stop that. 7 Allegiance
Glamour Woman Notify your subordinates ambush outside the estate to capture her. 7 Allegiance
Stay calm and observe her intentions. 5 Gold
Granting Amnesty Take away the surrenders by force. 4 Allegiance
Persuade these generals to follow the decree. 20 Silver
Happy Birthday Release food, share your happiness with the whole city. 8 Allegiance
Hold a banquet, and drink happily. 5 Allegiance
Harvest Hold on to the existing tax rate. 1 Levy
Increase the tax rate and expand your army by all means. 25 Silver
Heathen Disperse the citizens and arrest the heathen. Nothing
Personally go to the lectures. 3 gold
Master Invite him to dinner and consult him about forging knowledge. 30 Silver
1 Levy
7 Prestige
Persuade the master to serve in your army. 5 Gold
1 Levy
Messenger Meet your friend in your private house. 2 Prestige
Receive him at your official mansion. 35 Silver
Murder Publicly hear the case in your residence. 89 Prestige
Send people to go between the two parties for mediation. 5 Allegiance
Mysterious Man Call guards to catch him. 7 Allegiance
Stay calm, collect yourself, and then follow him back. 5 Gold
Night Attack Lead the soldiers to eradicate them. 7 Allegiance
Assume personal command in the camp and send the subordinates to chase them. 3 Prestige
Pain of the War Go to console them with your men personally. 7 Allegiance
Promulgate a decree to appease the families of the fallen soldiers. 3 Prestige
Pests Attack Personally lead your men in pest control. 10 Silver
Sen+5 Prestige
Pray for a good harvest in the temple. 7 Allegiance
Plague Send people to find antidote to cure the disease. 6 Allegiance
Order the army to blockade the infected areas to prevent the disease from spreading. 30 Silver
Prophecy Investigate the matter secretly. 3 Gold
Publicly hear the spreader of the prophecy. 10 Silver
5 Allegiance
Provinces Rebellion Take lead to suppress the rebellion. 180 Prestige
Attend garrison duty in the city and send your underlings to suppress the rebellion. 180 prestige
5 Allegiance
Rat Plague Dispatch the army on board to eliminate rats. 4 Prestige
Buy a number of Persian cats to dispatch the rats. 5 Allegiance
Rebellion of Hungers Release army provisions and dismiss the famine victims. 7 Allegiance
Recruit the victims and expand your forces. nothing
Rebels Attack Lead your main force to eliminate the rebels. 7 Allegiance
Send spies to infiltrate into the rebel camps and incite defection. 25 Silver
5 Allegiance
Rebels from Enemy Doubt their loyalty and kill the messenger. 3 Silver
Welcome their surrender. 8 Allegiance
The Rebel Remnants Promulgate a military order that the rebels must be killed on sight. 4 Prestige
Promulgate a decree to incorporate the rebel remnants. 5 Allegiance
Refugees Order your subordinates to provide them food and accommodation. 4 Allegiance
To prevent plague, therefore, after providing food, you will drive them elsewhere. (sic) 10 Silver
Refugees from Hostile Area House the refugees and give them citizenship. 4 Allegiance
Confiscate their property and enslave them. 25 Silver
Residence Destroyed Recruit civilians to repair your residence. 5 Prestige
Personally rebuild your residence with your subordinates. 8 Prestige
Rising Price Notify the citizens that you will publicly hear the matter. 4 Allegiance
Learn about the details from both parties and mediate between them. 25 Silver
Road Reduce the caravan's taxes. 8 Allegiance
Personally lead your men to repair the road. 1 Prestige
Romeo and Juliet Invite both parents and suggest they stop fighting. 8 Prestige
Encourage the young couple to run away bravely. 30 Silver
Runaway Soldier Allow his leave. 7 Allegiance
Nobody is above the law. You will have him escorted back. 5 Prestige
Sea Storm Forgive him and compensate the families of the crew who perished in the sea storm. 6 Allegiance
Reduce the team to slavery. 10 Prestige
Senator's Daughter Punish her without any mercy. 5 Allegiance
Soothe the public and persuade her to go home. 10 Allegiance
Snakes Send your men to get rid of the snakes. 15 Silver
Kill them with your own sword. 7 Allegiance
Temple Restoration Personally direct the public to repair the temple. 3 Gold
7 Allegiance
Be busy with military affairs, dispatch subordinates to recruit. 7 Prestige
Thieves Send your men to catch the thieves. 5 Prestige
Deploy your men and take the lead to capture them. 5 Allegiance
Thunder and Lightnings Take the lead to extinguish the fire. 7 Allegiance
Order the citizens to put out the fire. 10 Silver
Treasure Take the treasure by force and reserve as military expenditure. 3 Prestige
Deliver a speech in the square and persuade citizen to donate. 7 Allegiance
Unusual Weather Investigate the case personaly, so that your enemies would not take advantage of it. 8 Allegiance
Hold a sacrificial ceremony in the temple. 3 Prestige
Volcanic Eruption Move the residents island and rebuild their homes. (sic) 3 Prestige
Deliver supplies and console the victims. 7 Allegiance
Warrior Reward "Ram" a big meal. 1 Levy
Redeem "Ram" to be your subordinate. 5 Gold
2 Prestige
Wasteland Lead your men to open the wasteland personally. 5 Allegiance
1 Levy
Send slaves to open up the wasteland. 1 Levy
Water Source Polluted Make an announcement to collect the citizens to clean up the water source. 5 Gold
5 Allegiance
Lead your men to clear the aqueduct. 8 Allegiance
Wounded Soldiers Try your best to treat the wounded soldiers and arrange suitable military positions for them. 5 Allegiance
Provide them payment and dismiss them. 15 Silver