A League is a group of players getting benefits from playing together such as league technology, league chat option, working together groups wise to attack other leagues, and working together to attack legions.

The information about the League can be found at the League Tab.


Leagues are ranked with their emblem level which require gold for upgrade and then with the league level.

Emblem level is shown with stars each lvl increase max number of member in league

League tab join

The join tab on the League menu tab. It shows all info about a joined league.

1 star: 50 members

2 stars: 55 members

3 stars: 60 members

4 stars: 70 members

5 stars: 80 members

6 stars: 100 members

7 stars: 130 members

8 stars: 180 members

League TechnologiesEdit

League tab League Tech

League Tech tab at the League menu tab

At the league tech tab you will be able to donate silver to improve the technology of the league. This will help all members in the league in improving their farm crop income, increase their silver income from levy, strengthen prestige growth, trade and commerce.

There are 10 different league technologies.

  • League level: It increases by 1 and thus strengthening the power of the league. League host has to be equally high in level or higher.
  • Tax law: Baseline of silver increases by 6 with each increase of level. (cottages and scriptorium influences that amount too!)
  • Levy contribution: Increase the chance of getting extra silver levied for the default league tech.
  • Irrigation: Base harvest of seized farm (both in area tab and world map) increases by 2 with an upgrade in this tech.
  • Rumor: Increases the speed of prestige growth
  • Trade contribution: Increases the chance of getting extra silver levied from trade and contributing it to the default league tech.
  • Farmer's Association: Increases time for farm ownership by 2.5 minutes for each upgrade (which yields you more crops!)
  • Commerce: Increases silver got from commerce between different areas.
  • Commerce Tax: Increase the extra silver levied from commerce and contribute that to the default league tech.
  • Statistics: Silver required to upgrade league tech drops by 0.2% for each level.