Julii family symbol

Julii family flag

There are three families in the game Senatry. You have to choose one of them before you move from Rome to a next area. The option to choose a family gets unlocked at the area of Macedon.

Once you choose a family, you cannot pick another one. So choose wisely.

Also leagues are family specific.

Ingame family descriptionEdit

Family Territory:Edit

In the civil war set off by the collapse of the Triumvirate, Julii quickly took control of many fertile and rich provinces, including Macedon, Greek cities, Seleucid, Egypt and Parthia. Tough the sea might slow down Julii's army rapid advance, the rich lands and many talented generals had already contributed a lot to consolidate it's position.

Family BackgroundEdit

Seemingly Julii where not blessed by the sisters of Fate. Altough many Julii where talented, few could live a long and peacefull live. The seniors in the Family decide to make changes. They incorporated and sponsored many promising and young people from poor patricians and even plebeians. The efforts of the elders finally paid back. The Roman citizens began to feel that the Julii where quite nice and friendly. Unlike other big families, they never stood high above the people, instead, they lived among them. The citizens liked to call them "Defender of the People". Other families despised the new aristocrats aided by the Julii, but the Julii was actually becoming one of the dominating families in Rome. In all the military operations confronting barbarians from the north, the Julii where able to take the lead and win the battles. Romans respected the winners. At last the Senatus and the nobility began to realize the Julii had owned unmatched influence over the plebs.

Family heroesEdit

Family heroes
Name Prestige level Unit



Rage skill
Quintus 500 Titans 87/79/35 None
Publius 6,000 Repeating Scorpions 76/62/69 None
Octavia 20,000 Priestess 61/83/64 None
Antony 40,000 Repeating Ballistas 81/63/52 None
Pulio 80,000 Poisoner 79/71/65 Total attack
Otho 100,000 Hastati 41/91/87 Circuity
Octavinus 150,000 Gladiators 63/89/23 Sputter
Atia 190,000 Harper 75/88/90 None
Oppius 210,000 Mountain Scorpions 88/91/42 None
Caligula 260,000 Elite Infantry 87/93/51 High-Spirited
Roscius 340,000 Heavy Chariots 81/105/50 RP burn
Calenus 370,000 General's Bodyguards 101/98/67 Anger
Didius 440,000 Venom 90/89/118 None
Ceasar 500,000 Mercenary Cavalry 89/113/53 Repeating Sputter

Family territoryEdit

World map - Julii territory

Julii terroritories on the world map.

After coming from Ancona and Rome, the Julii family have specific areas which they control: