Italy is the thirteenth area, coming from Parthia and leads to Mongolia after defeating ?.

In this area the NPCare from level ? to ?.

Italy rewardEdit


Italy area map

Sword Of Dread: Off +134; lvl 80; orange

Italy NPC orderEdit

Scout I

Scout II

Scout III

Scout IV

Catulus (units: ? ; RS: ?)

Gnaeus (units: ? ; RS: ?)

Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Vanguard IV

Curio (units: ? ; RS: ?) Rufus (units: ? ; RS: ?)

Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III

Bassianus (units: ? ; RS: ?)

Louise(Spartan Hoplites,Rs:Shield Wall)

Italian Legions (3 min[1], 8 max; 1300 exploits; 10 enemies; chance of rare item drop: ? ; ? ; ?)

Italy ingame introductionEdit

While you were having expedition in the far east, the hostile Family took the advantage and captured your most prosperous cities. When you were aware of the difficult situation and hurriedly withdraw from the battlefield, the enemy army was already well prepared and waiting for you. Your soldiers are all burning with rage. All they want is to advance and kill!

  1. These teammembers are only family or league members!