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What does it do and what do you need to know?

Sharing turns hero level to 1 and upgrades hero's troop.Edit

  • Equips stay on hero. Do not unequip, you will not be able to re-equip until hero reaches the level!
  • Hero's troop increase prowess.

Hero Sharing needs level: 51Edit

  • The troop levels to be gained range from 1 to 9, including the following rules:
  • This range has a soft ceiling, which is the difference between requirement and your Senatus level.
  • Example: difference between 51 and Senatus level 58 is 7, thus 7 is the maximum levels to gain.
  • This range has a hard ceiling, which is 9.
  • Example: difference between 51 and Senatus level 66 is 15, but maximum levels to gain is still 9.
  • Hero requirement level includes the gained troop levels and advances into the new requirement.
  • Example: if the hero requirement was 51 and the troop gained 8 levels, then requirement become 59.
  • Although the range is 1~9, the most common results are 5~8 (if you have maximum gain possible!).

Extra TipsEdit

  • Recommended is to save up several thousand exploits, so you can boost the first few levels.
  • Put truce ~9 hours before the end of Autumn/Fall, and start Share EXP up to 3 of your heroes.
  • If possible use the 72h Mode or 24h Mode for best effects, coupled with any of the 100%+ trainings.
  • You can still do legions in Winter with your slightly weakened array.
  • Unconfirmed, but it is said that lucky points and hero level may affect Share EXP results.