Entrustment is a way of getting dealers to pick up quality horses and shields for you and grant you those with a green named full items up to red named item parts (very rare items).

"After senatus level 30 you can entrust businessmen in the armory and have a chance to get world's top horses and shields."

Armory tab entrustment

Armory menu tab - entrustment tab. Here is where you can get rare horses and shields.

There are two options.

Shields - pay 10,000 silver and get a green or blue named shield. Those vary in value from 7K to 30K (sell value 3.5K to 15K). You also get a chance of getting a higher level dealer which grant can grant you a higher level item, at a higher price.

For each time you click entrust you pay the silver and get 10 minutes cooldown time added, at 1 hour it locks to full cooldown.

At the highest level you pay 60,000 silver for each part (randomly granted).

Horses - You pay 8K silver and get green or blue named horses. Value varying from 7K to 24K (sell value 3.5K to 12K). Also a chance on getting to a higher level dealer. The highest two tiers here only sell items for levels 55 - 90 heroes and only sell parts (1/5, 1/10 and 1/20).

At the highest level for horses you pay 46,000 silver for each part (randomly selected).