A special kind of quest is the daily quest, which can be started at senatus level 41. There are 5 possible quests which can be done at a given time. You have to choose one and fullfill that before being able to get a new quest. It is possible to cancel that. It will however clear any added fulfilled parts of the chosen quest. You can do a maximum of 6 quests per day without refreshing (a VIP 2 advantage). Daily quests are refreshed daily at 5:00 server time. They are reset mondays at 5:00 server time.

Each time you succesfully complete a quest, you got a chance to go to a higher star rating. It is yet unknown how to influence that chance, if that is even possible. These quests are the best chance of fairly easy getting red named rings. Stars are granted with each quest. 1-3 stars give exploits. 4 and 5 stars give white named rings. 6 and 7 stars give green and blue named rings. 8 and 9 stars give blue and purple, and 10 stars give blue, purple, orange, and red.

10 Star reward rings

Attack - Aphrodite's Blessing

Gold consumption - Eternity

Crops trading - Starless ring

Levy - Ring of Lava

Fight against NPC 

Upgrade equipment

Domain war

Conquer players - Alexandria Loop

Seize farm - Ring of Lava