There will be Colosseum in your City with Lv 82 Senatus. But you cannot have performances in it before Colosseum is upgraded to Lv 82. After Colosseum is upgraded to Lv 82, you can hold plays, either as an individual or a team along with other members of your family, which have at least a lv 82 colosseum themselves. Cost and Earnings from plays/performances is related to the area price of commodities. Must reside within one of the 100 areas, which belong to your family, each area's commodities price varies throughout the day, the lower commodities are the less silver you will receive from any successful performances. Also, this is when performance cards come into play, and are suggested to be used before actual performances. They work like forced attack cards, with the exception you do not need to have a specific VIP level in order to use, only requirement is a Colosseum at least Lv 82.