Colonia is located on the world map north of Bologna, betweem Mogontiacum and Alesia and south of the Londonium area. It is north of the current Alp mountains.

Colonia is unlocked at Gaul area.

It's world region is part of the Brutii family main world map areas. It is a stronghold and political centre of the Brutii family and therefor cannot be taken over by other families.

It is one area seperated to the follow up world map area for Brutii family: Singidunum by the free to conquer area Mogontiacum.

It is not possible for Julii nor Scipii family members to acquire a spot here. They can however attack from same level areas into this area.

World map - Colonia

World map location of Colonia

Bologna has a maximum allowed level of 40. It has a limit of 25 screens of 12 places each.