Carthage is the ninth area, coming from Egypt and leads to Numidia after defeating Hannibal.

From this map, armies (scout, vanguard and main force) facing you consist of 6 parts. Legions also consist of 10 enemies.

In this area the NPC are from level 49 to 62.

Carthage rewardEdit


Carthage area map

Thracian Buckler: RS def 147; lvl 55.

The areas of Alexandria, Athens, Londinium, Isca, Tylis and Apulum will be open.

The areas Olbia, Byzantium, Sinope, Trezibond, Ancira, Nisa, Asaak, Antioch, Seleucia and Damascus in the east part of the map and Cadiz, Tingis, Cirta, Carthage and Cyrine in the south become visible on the map

Carthage NPC orderEdit

  1. Scout I
  2. Scout II
  3. Scout III
  4. Scout IV
  5. Scout V
  6. Scout VI
  7. Clitomachus
  8. Mago
  9. Himilco
  10. Vanguard I
  11. Vanguard II
  12. Vanguard III
  13. Vanguard IV
  14. Vanguard V
  15. Vanguard VI
  16. Maharbal (chance of rare item drop: Trojan Bow (off 80; lvl 38; only a single chance))
  17. Hanno (chance of rare item drop: Lance of Havoc (off 86; lvl 46))
  18. Hasdrubal (NPC boss; units: Armoured Elephants; RS: Ambush)
  19. Main Force I
  20. Main Force II
  21. Main Force III
  22. Main Force IV
  23. Main Force V
  24. Main Force VI
  25. Dido (chance of rare item drop: Coat of Snowfield (def 71; lvl 34))
  26. Boodes (chance of rare item drop: Armor of Bog (def 76; lvl 38))
  27. Hamilcar (chance of rare item drop: Roman Loricae (def 66; lvl 42))
  28. Hannibal (NPC boss (unit: Urban Cohort; RS: Instigate)

Carthaginian Legions (3 min[1], 8 max; 700 exploits; 10 enemies; chance of rare item drop: Sword of Blessing; off 94; lvl 46)

Carthage ingame introductionEdit

As the expedition to Egypt went well, your army began to show their arrogance. The military punished a batch of generals who harassed the civilians. With a grudge against you, they fled to Carthage and gathered a large number of Carthaginians. Allied with your rivals, they attempted to attack your capital while you were combating in Egypt. Your army hurriedly retreated from Egypt to defend the city. Infuriated but determined, you decided to cross the desert and intercept the enemies in Carthage. After a long and difficult journey, you finally caught the enemy before they could get aboard. It seemed that a fierce fighting was inevitable…

  1. These teammembers are only family or league members!