Brutii family symbol

Family flag of the Brutii

There are three families in the game Senatry. You have to choose one of them before you move from Rome to a next area. The option to choose a family gets unlocked at the area of Macedon.

Once you choose a family, you cannot pick another one. So choose wisely.

Also leagues are family specific.

Ingame family descriptionEdit

Family Territory:Edit

When the civil war broke out, the Brutii found that people no longer counted the Republic as an indispensable element of Rome and their old friend had won the overwhelming support of the plebs. The Brutii was not destroyed by the hostile Families just for the support of the northern regions they ran with great effort for many years, but their dream of rising again as a powerful family seemed so far away. Now the Brutii controlled Germania, Dacia, Thrace, Scythia, Pontus, Armenia. They applied a tight military policy and focused mainly on a defensive strategy.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Romans never forgot that it was the Brutii who led them in overthrowing the reign of the tyrants and brought the foundation of the Roman Republic. The Brutii had been the core of the Republic and were called the "Father of Republic". The Republic was the ultimate principle that the Brutii would never give up, which made the Brutii so different from the other families. The Brutii occupied the most important seats in the Senatus and they took great responsibility in the public life. They were the most pure and noble blood in the land of Rome. Though they had all the privileges, real political and military geniuses were rarely seen in the Brutii descendants. The conservative power in the Senatus hoped that the Brutii would protect and preserve the Republic as they did in the last two hundred years.

Family heroesEdit

Family heroes
Name Prestige level Unit Rage skill
Tertia 500 Priestess None
Nerva 6,000 Heavy Ballistas None
Decimus 20,000 Heavy Onagers None
Servillia 40,000 Harper None
Crassus 80,000 Mercenaries Collide
Sadala 100,000 Peltasts Sweep
Pescennius 150,000 Elite Cavalry Ambush
Cimber 190,000 Heavy Infantry Anger
Verus 210,000 Rolling Stones None
Aurelius 260,000 Gladiators Sacrifice
Longius 340,000 Preatorian Peltasts High-Spirited
Lucius 370,000 Elite Archers RP Burn
Cicero 440,000 Greek Fire None
Brutus 500,000 Elite Cavalry Repeating Sweep

Family territoryEdit

After coming from Ancona and Rome, the Brutii family have specific areas which they control.

World map - Brutii territory

Brutii territory on the world map (combined picture)