Britannia is the eigth area, coming from Germania and does not lead to another area.

In this area the NPC are from level 40 to 50.

Britannia rewardEdit


Britannia area map

Thracian Ring: Tac off 43; lvl 46.

Britannia NPC orderEdit

Scout I

Scout II

Scout III

Scout IV

Commius (chance of rare item drop: Oracle Sword (off 68; lvl 34))

Cunobelinus (NPC boss; units: Sapper; RS: None)

Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Vanguard IV

Cassivellaunus (chance of rare item drop: Supervisor's Lance (off 73; lvl 38)

Cartimandua (NPC boss; units: Venom; RS: None)

Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III


Togdumnus (chance of rare item drop: Coat of Snowfield (def 71; lvl 34)

Prasutagus (chance of rare item drop: Trojan Bow (off 80; lvl 38)

Boudica (NPC boss; units: Greek Fire; RS: None)

Britannic Legions (4 min[1], 8 max; 600 exploits; 8 enemies; chance of rare item drop: Roman Loricae (def 66; lvl 42; same as Egypt))

Britannia ingame introductionEdit

The Northwest has been subdued. You became a bloodythirsty butcher in the eyes of the barbarians, most of which came from Britania. You regarded this as an invitation from the Britons as well as the right time to change their views, so pick a good day, cross the Channel, and land on Britain!

  1. These teammembers are only family or league members!