Apennines is the first area, it leads to Macedon after defeating Spartacus, it will also allow you to relocate your city to Rome.

Apennines rewardEdit



White horse (RS off 71; lvl 8)

The area of Rome will be open on the world map.

Apennines NPC order :Edit

Scout I

Scout II


Vanguard I

Vanguard II

Vanguard III

Gracchus (chance of item drop: Cane cuirass: def 21; lvl 0)


Barca (NPC boss; units: Poisoner; RS: Circuity; chance of item drop: Stone axe: off 21; lvl 1)

Main Force I

Main Force II

Main Force III

Marin Force IV





Doctore (NPC boss; units: Light chariots; RS: Rage Points leech; chance of item drop: Stone spear: off 25; lvl 3)


Spartacus (NPC boss; units: Force shielder; RS: Guard; chance of item drop: Bronze dagger: off 30; lvl 4)

Apennines ingame introductionEdit

As the Big Three split, most garrison troops in Italy began to turn over to their neighbouring Families. However, there were still a considerable number of troops who did not acknowledge any of the three families' rule. Led by a group of fugitive gladiators, this rebel troop expanded and grew up rapidly. For you, who have freshly graduated from school, defeating the rebel troop is just a great opportunity to demonstrate your wisdom and strength.